First Pictures with the Nikon 900

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All of these pictures were taken using the camera's "Normal" setting on 16 July 1998.

Ye cats. I am in a quandary about this new camera. Here are my observations about using the camera itself:

black domestic shorthair

Here's a picture of my number one most devoted photographic subject, Tabitha the cat. The large picture is 133K.

magnets on refrigerator

Here are the refrigerator magnets, taken with flash. This was done so you can compare it with the ones taken with the Olympus D500 and Kodak DC120. The large picture is 95K.

close up of purple flowers

Here's a macro shot. The LCD looked like it was in focus -- obviously it was not.

bushes in front of house

Finally, this shot of some bushes in front of my house.

As of 18 August 1998, I have removed the larger picture, which is 260K bytes. It was just my inexperience with the camera that made it look so gosh-darned awful.

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