Monument Madness

Although the various monuments and memorials in Washington, D.C. are very impressive in person, they are nothing more than visual clichés when photographed. Unless you make an enormous effort, it’s difficult to see them as actual objects; all you see is the symbol for the object. I didn’t take the time to actually see the buildings, and ended up with picture postcards instead of photos. Think I’m kidding? I took the pictures and made them “pixelized,” but you still won’t have any trouble telling which one is which. (You can rest the mouse pointer on top of any of the pictures to find out what it is, if you have any doubt at all.

Capitol building Washington Monument White House

See what I mean? That is why, unless I find some really creative way of looking at the “same old stuff,” you won’t be seeing many more of the traditional Washington buildings in these pages.

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