Hirshhorn Museum

The Hirshhorn Museum of Sculpture is my absolute number one favorite place to go in Washington, D.C. Here are some pictures from the outside of the building. (Hover the mouse over the picture for a description; click the picture to see a larger image.)

Fountain in front of the museum “The Drummer” by Barry Flanagan “Last Conversation Piece” by Juan Muñoz

And here are some from inside the building:

Neon lights spelling out “FOUR COLORS FOUR WORDS” with each word in a different color. Mobile in shape of a fish, by Alexander Calder “Colors 256” A painting with a 16 by 16 array of colors

Here’s a clever way of asking for donations from museum patrons:

Large barrel made to look like a Campbell Soup Can, labelled “Canuhelp Cream of Art Soup

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