The Supreme Court

OK, everybody and his brother has taken pictures of the Supreme Court building from the front. Here's one from the back, and (yes) one from the front, but at least artistically framed by the branches in the foreground. (This seems to be a recurring theme in this series of pictures.)

Back of the Supreme Court Building Supreme Court from side

Here are three more; you can see the building fading out in the background on the first one, and you’ll just have to take my word that the other two really are the SCOTUS.

Blossom in foreground, Supreme Court in background Close up of pink blossom at SCOTUS Closeup of grayish-brown bird with SCOTUS in background

Here are a couple of pictures of statuary at the front from unusual camera angles. I had to lie on my back to get one of them. Anything for my art.

Statue in front of Supreme Court Statue in front of Supreme Court

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