Scoring—Classification Points

When the results of a match come in, the winner and loser get classification points as follows:

Win by Winner’s Points Loser’s Points
Fall (Pin) 5 0
Tech Fall (6 pt.+ difference)* 4 0 or 1 **
Decision (< 6 pt. difference)* 3 0 or 1 **
Injury Default, Forfeit,
5 0

* The winner must have a 6+ difference in both their winning rounds.

** If the loser didn’t score any points during the match, they get zero classification points. If they did score points during the match, they get one classification point. This only becomes important when you’re trying to figure out who got what place.

When you are working as a scorekeeper at matside, you don’t need to worry about this at all. You just have to circle the winner and cross out the loser, and, in the case of a pin, write down the pin time. The folks back in the pairing room keep track of all the rest. Do not add up all the points for all the rounds!