Freestyle and Greco Pairing

by J. David Eisenberg

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Here are some questions you may have asked at a freestyle wrestling tournament, along with the typical answers.

Q: How many more matches do I have?
A: I can’t tell yet.

Q: Who’s my opponent in the next round?
A: I can’t tell yet.

Q: I lost my first match but won my second match. Can I still get second place?
A: Yes.

Q: I lost two matches. Am I still in the tournament?
A: (After a long pause) Possibly.

Have you ever wondered why you get such strange answers to such simple questions?

Then wonder no more! These pages will give you an introduction to the way that we do pairing, which is just a fancy word for "figuring out who wrestles whom."

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Pairing “Cheat Sheet”

This introduction deliberately avoids some of the more difficult aspects of pairing. There are some things that You Really Don’t Want To Know. In the process, we will not be going exactly according to the USA Wrestling International Rule Book. Read the book if you want all of the details.

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