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Fanime 2012

Once again, I attended Fanime, an anime convention “by fans, for fans.” These are photos of people involved in cosplay. Click any picture to see it in larger size.

Non-Anime Characters

Here are Dr. Strange (Master of the Mystic Arts), Rorschach from Watchmen, the Mighty Thor, and Darth Maul.

Man dressed as comic character Dr. Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts Rorschach, from “Watchmen” The Mighty Thor Darth Maul

Humanoid Anime Characters

Other than the first guy, who is dressed as the character Lupin III, I have no idea who most of these are. But the costumes are very creative. There were a lot of people dressed similarly to the person in the second picture.

Man dressed as Lupin III Man with gray face, wearing orange and yellow horns ?? Person dressed as an old Japanese woman Man in brown burlap costume

Mostly human, part animal

Man in white suit with white bird head Man in white wolf costume Character with cat head, green pants, and pink feet (paws)


The people dressed as pandas were the most impressive of the lot. I'm not sure if the Chinese lion dancers belong in this category, but here they are.

People dressed as horse and a red bird Four men dressed as pandas, holding eucalyptus branches Chinese lion dancers in yellow costume Chinese lion dancers in yellow costume (front view)