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I've been interested in digital photography for the past few years, and have owned several cameras. Each of the cameras below is listed with one or two interesting sample pages, as well as the main index, which will list all the sample pages for that particular camera.

Sony DSC-D770 Sony DSC-D770 Index

Just after having written a short essay pining for a better through-the-lens digital camera, I found that the Sony DSC-D770 was on sale for less than half its original price. What could I do except buy one?!

Olympus C-2000 Zoom Olympus C-2000 Index

This is the latest small camera that I've bought; its user interface is excellent and it takes spectacularly good images.

Epson PhotoPC 750Z Review

The price on this camera was just great; I found that it produced excellent images, but had one user interface flaw that pretty much ruined the whole experience for me. Details are in the review above.

Olympus D-400 Zoom D400 Index

I bought this camera at the end of November, 1998. From a user interface standpoint it was an excellent camera, but its color reproduction was lacking. (See an example). While adequate for most purposes, it wasn't quite “it” as far as I was concerned. This camera was also donated to a school in the eastern United States.

Nikon 900 Nikon 900 Index
Olympus D-500L D-500L Index

In July of 1998, I had both the Nikon 900 and the Olympus D-500L. You can see pictures from the Gilroy Garlic Festival taken with both cameras. I wrote a comparison of the two cameras, and came to the conclusion that the Olympus was the better of the two cameras. The Nikon ended up being donated to a school on the east coast.

Kodak DC-120 DC120 Index

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