Milpitas Art & Wine / San Jose Beer Festival Photos

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These pictures were taken at the Milpitas Art & Wine Festival on 17 August 1997.
These pages serve two purposes: to show you what the festival was like, and
to talk about the picture-taking experience. All the photos have been cropped and reduced in Adobe Photoshop, and enhanced with the Intellihance plug-in.

There's a very nice fountain behind the library.

[milpitas fountain 1]

There were quite a few ducks in the pond; only one was close enough for a decent shot:

[duck in pond]
The duck was in motion, and Intellihance really gave bizarre colors. I did a simple "adjust levels" in Photoshop, and the result, shown here, was much better.
A petting zoo was a big attraction for the children, but I was more interested in getting pictures of the animals.

[petting zoo]
There were two black pigs to the left of the goats. They came out as huge blots, so I cropped them. Do we detect a pattern of "all-black objects casting sharp shadows photograph poorly"?

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