"Judgment Day"

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I needed to give my camera a "field test." I had heard on KSFO radio of a protest demanding the impeachment of President Clinton, and I figured I could see how the camera performed outdoors.

The protest was called Judgment Day. As near as I can tell, it was a national event organized by a fellow named Gary Aldrich. In San Jose, the event was held in front of Rep. Zoe Lofgren's office.

Editorial comment:

Many of the folks there were associated with a group known as Free Republic, and one fellow from the John Birch Society was handing out that organization's magazine. For the record: While I agree that President Clinton should resign or be impeached (that is, brought to trial before the Senate), I am in almost total disagreement with the philosophy and viewpoints of both organizations.

Now, on to the pictures: there was no lack of signs for people to wave:
impeach now Zoe Lofgren wants double standards
Clinton Resign in '99 It's the Perjury, Stupid
fire the liar

Here are a couple of crowd shots:
crowd crowd2

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