"Judgment Day" (2)

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Although I disagree with the philosophy of the protestors, I must say that you couldn't find a more courteous, cheerful group of people.

Here are two ladies who were happy to be at the event. I was particularly taken by the patriotic sequined hat (see the closeup shot). two_ladies sequin_hat
al_and_wife The gentleman at the far left is "Varmint Al", a varmint hunting specialist. The lady with him (I presume it's his wife) had a charming little pup in tow. You'll notice that Al is also a digital photographer; his camera is a Sony Mavica FD7.
Finally, two creative folks showed up. On the left is a fellow with a Clinton mask; on the right is a gentleman who is, in his own subtle way, alluding to the alleged connection between Clinton, the Chinese military, campaign funding, and rocket technology transfer. clinton_mask costume_guy

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