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Projects at Apple Computer, Inc.

The Apple Years

Here are some of the more interesting things I did while employed at Apple Computer from 1979 to 1985. You'll note that all these products are for the Apple II series computers. This shouldn't be a surprise, as the Macintosh didn't reach the public until the beginning of 1984.

Apple presents...Apple--An Introduction to the Apple IIe Computer

This program was designed to gently lead new Apple owners to a level of confidence and competence with basic keyboard and command functions. The interface was designed by the very wonderful Bruce Tognazzini.

Apple SuperPILOT

PILOT is a simple language designed for writing computer-assisted instruction programs. I worked with Bruce Tognazzini, Charlie Kellner, Dan Strnad, and others to create an integrated Apple II PILOT programming environment with graphics and font editors.

Introduction to Apple LOGO

Packed along with Apple LOGO for the Apple II, this educational disk provides an introduction to the main concepts of the language. I designed and wrote it along with Jon Butah.

Kanji Word Processor

This is a product which never saw commercial use; I wrote it (basically) as a demonstration for Toray, Apple's Japanese distributor. I wanted to show the Apple II's capability to display and print Japanese text.

Localized Software

I worked for Apple Europe in Zeist, Netherlands, for six months in 1984. During that time I helped localize (translate) the in-box tutorial diskettes for the Apple IIc into Swedish, Dutch, and Spanish.