Group Permissions

The next three letters after the user's permission are the group's permissions.

-rwx r-x r-x  joe  acctg 
-rw- rw- r--  joe  acctg  orgchart.gif
-rw- rw- r--  joe  acctg  personnel.txt
-rw- r-- r--  joe  acctg  publicity.html
drwx rwx r-x  joe  acctg  sales
-rw- r-- ---  joe  acctg  topsecret.inf
-rwx r-x r-x  joe  acctg  wordmatic

Other people in the acctg group can not write the script, publicity.html and topsecret.inf files, or wordmatic program.

They may write the orgchart.gif and personnel.txt, files, as well as the sales directory.

They may execute and wordmatic, and search the sales directory.

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