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Teaching Experience

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As of this writing (September 2002), I am teaching HTML, Perl, and Introduction to Computers at Evergreen Valley College in San Jose. I have taught XML, HTML, C, and Perl at De Anza College in Cupertino, CA.

I also occasionally teach HTML, JavaScript, CSS, CGI, and XML courses for a company called KeyPoint. I was the principal designer of their CGI, XML, and CSS courses, and revised and updated the JavaScript course.

I have done teaching in one form or another since I attended the University of Illinois, where I worked as a consultant for students in the beginning Computer Science courses. Most of the products that I have worked on have been educational in nature.

At the University of Delaware, I did consulting for users as part of my duties as a system programmer.

When I came to California, I started attending the amateur wrestling meets at San Jose State University, and met Bob Gibbins, the wrestling coach at Blackford High School. He convinced me to become his assistant. I was, at that time, studying Russian.

As I was leaving the school one day, Al Williams, a teacher of English as a Second Language, asked if I could help translate some information for one of his students from the (former) Soviet Union. I did the translation, and then asked if he would mind if I came and helped once or twice a week. He said it would be fine, and I started helping him.

I became an unofficial ESL teacher's aide, and worked with Blackford for a couple of years on a volunteer basis. Finally, Mr. Cang, the ESL coordinator for Campbell Union High School District, made it official and hired me on as an aide. I worked with him for three years, and then returned to programming full-time when a job opened up at a start-up company.

Throughout all this, I kept thinking that I really should obtain a teaching credential, and finally decided to take some action on it in July of 1994. I started the credentialing program at the San Jose campus of National University, which is based in San Diego, California, USA.

I completed my student teaching in June 1995. I did my student teaching under contract at Gunderson High School in San Jose, California, where I taught four sections of beginning algebra and one section of individual study (small group tutoring).

I finished the credential program in December 1995 with a California single-subject secondary mathematics credential, and do substitute teaching for the East Side Union High School district.

I have taught courses in C and UNIX programming, math for electronics, and Microsoft Word at Computer Learning Center in San Jose, CA.