Specifying Multiple Aspects

You specify more than one aspect of a style at a time by just stacking all the specifications together. The semicolons at the end of each specification serve to separate the specifications. For example, let's say we want a light yellow background and red text for a warning message:

<span style="background-color: #ffffcc; color: red;">Do not
operate this device underwater!</span>

Here are the results:

Do not operate this device underwater!

How about eighteen-point Helvetica font in magenta? That's a fairly long specification, so it's sometimes easier to split it across several lines. Remember, HTML doesn't care about extra whitespace.

<span style="color: magenta;
	font-family: Helvetica, Arial;
	font-size: 18pt;">Large bright purplish text.</span>

Which looks like this:

Large bright purplish text.

This brings up a question: what if you're writing an on-line user manual and you have five or ten warnings on a page, or if you need that big magenta text seven times on a page. Is there a way to avoid having to retype or copy-and-paste those definitions? Yes, in fact, there is. You can collect all your styles into a stylesheet and refer to them by name.

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