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Picture Quality

My focus was good enough to get a decent picture of my favorite model, Tabitha the cat. This picture was taken at the medium quality setting.

black domestic shorthair

I have taken a section of the original file at its actual size and saved it in PNG format, which means that there is no loss from compression. Warning: This is a large file, about 182K bytes. By the way: I wasn't required to use manual focus. The D770 does have autofocus; I just wanted to experiment from the beginning.

multi-colored refrigerator magnets Later in the evening, after having taken the time to figure out where the manual focus control was, I took my standard “refrigerator magnets” picture with low, medium, and high quality settings.

I've extracted a section of each picture, magnified it, and saved it in PNG format so that there's no loss from further compression. You can compare them below:

Low Quality
File size: 187,469 bytes
closeup of low quality picture
Medium Quality
File size: 383,006 bytes
closeup of medium quality picture
High Quality
File size: 678,673 bytes
closeup of high quality picture

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