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Scoring a Pin

Bout sheet before pin
Figure 9 - Before the pin

Here’s another match in progress. It’s still the first period, and Chuck (the red wrestler) is leading by a score of 6 to 4.

But, all of a sudden, Pietro (the blue wrestler), makes a fantastic move and pins Chuck.

Stopwatch at 1:37:34
Figure 10 - Stopwatch
pin written on bout sheet
Figure 11 - Result written

When the referee calls the pin, the timekeeper will stop the stopwatch. Look at the time (as you see in Figure 10), and write it in the winner’s area. Do not add up the points for that round! If there’s a pin, that ends the match, and we don’t care about the points. Finally, you circle the winner and cross out the loser, as in Figure 11. (You can click it to see it at a larger size.)

Some Hints

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