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SCVWA Grand Championship Series

Starting in January 2018, wrestlers must wear headgear at all tournaments!

Grand Championship belt
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Here are the standings as of 10 Dec 2017.

Bantam FS | Intermediate FS | Novice FS | Schoolboy FS | Cadet FS | Junior FS | HS Girls FS

Here’s how the championship award works. You receive points by placing in SCVWA and State Championship tournaments.

SCVWA Tournament Points
Place Points
1st 4
2nd 3
3rd 2
4th 1
State Championship Points
Place Points
1st 5
2nd 4
3rd 3
4th 2
5th-8th 1
Special points for the SCVWA Championships
Place Points
1st 8
2nd 6
3rd 4
4th 2

Ties in point totals will be broken according to the following criteria:

  1. Highest place at a state meet
  2. Most SCVWA tournaments attended
  3. Most first places at SCVWA tournaments
  4. Most second places at SCVWA tournaments
  5. Most third places at SCVWA tournaments