<<< Here's the <wind> part of the weather report:


The RELAX specification for the <wind> is as follows:

    <elementRule role="wind">
            <ref label="direction" occurs="?" />
            <ref label="speed"/>
    <tag name="wind"/>

The only thing special about this is in the reference to the <direction> element. The occurs="?" means that this element can occur either zero times or exactly one time. (This makes sense, since a wind speed of zero doesn't have a direction.)

The <direction> element must be one of the sixteen compass directions. The RELAX <enumeration> element lets you specify this:

    <elementRule role="direction" type="string">
        <enumeration value="N"/> <!-- North -->
        <enumeration value="NNE"/> <!-- North by NorthEast -->
        <enumeration value="NE"/> <!-- NorthEast -->
        <!-- and so on -- >
    <tag name="direction"/>

Finally, the specification of the the <speed> element must require the value to be an integer greater than or equal to zero.

    <elementRule role="speed" type="nonNegativeInteger"/>
    <tag name="speed"/>

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  3. Validity and RELAX
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