Making Validation More Specific

<<< As it stands, the specification for a valid <station> isn't as precise as we'd like. A latitude must be between -90 and 90, and a longitude between -180 and 180. Weather station abbreviations are exactly four letters long, and the weather station's full name should be restricted to at most seventy-five characters. The bold text shows what needs to be added to the RELAX specification:

    <tag name="station">
        <attribute name="fullname" type="string" required="true">
            <maxlength value="75"/>
        <attribute name="abbrev" type="string" required="true">
            <length value="4"/>

    <elementRule role="latitude" type="decimal">
        <minInclusive value="-90"/>
        <maxInclusive value="90"/>
    <tag name="latitude"/>

    <elementRule role="longitude" type="decimal">
        <minInclusive value="-180"/>
        <maxInclusive value="180"/>
    <tag name="longitude"/>

Next, the document specifies the <temperature> element. >>>

  1. Validating XML with RELAX
  2. Validity and the DTD
  3. Validity and RELAX
  4. Specifying Elements
  5. Making Validation More Specific
  6. Further Specifications
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  8. The Big Picture
  9. Summary