San Jose America Festival - Fireworks

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A photographic note: I took these pictures without a tripod. This required me to solve two problems:
  1. Focusing in conditions where autofocus wouldn't work
  2. Keeping exposure time low to avoid blur from camera shake
The first problem was solved for me; the Olympus D-500L lets you force a focus on infinity, where infinity equals 2.5 meters.

I solved the second problem by using the flash; I reasoned that using the flash forces a lower exposure time. I simply put my left hand over the flash to keep the light from disturbing the people near me.

Given these constraints, I'd say that the pictures came out fairly well.

fireworks 2 fireworks 4 fireworks 6 fireworks 8 fireworks 10 fireworks 11 fireworks 12

You may click these pictures to see full size versions (80K and 100K)
fireworks 9 fireworks 13

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