San Francisco Pride - Q & A

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Q: These pictures are really boring, aren't they?
A: Yes, they are rather plain. They do, however, give an accurate picture of what 90% of the crowd at Pride actually looks like.

Q: But that's not what I see in the newspapers and on TV!
A: That's right. Pictures of ordinary people doing ordinary things are, well, ordinary. In the newspaper and TV business, ordinary doesn't sell. That's why the networks focus on the drag queens and the scantily-clad attendees, overlooking the vast majority of us plain folks.

Q: So where are your pictures of the drag queens?
A: There aren't any (except, possibly, the woman in the hat on the previous page). Drag has simply been done to death, don't you think? Besides, most of the men I saw dressed as women couldn't have fooled anyone except Ray Charles for more than a millisecond.

Q: And the scantily-clad people?
A: I said I'd keep these pictures G-rated, and I will. Let me be polite and say that, in my opinion, many of the people appearing with very little clothing were less than photogenic. This goes counter to another popular myth that as a gay man I find all men attractive and lust after them. *See note below.

Q: Well there must have been some fringe elements there.
A: Of course. Outrageous costumes are part of the celebration. Since you insist, continue to the next page to see a few pictures. I am fully aware that there are people who will bookmark only the next page so that they can continue to say, "See? That's how they all are at that disgusting parade!" But you and I know better.

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*A personal note: I am, like many gay men, extremely picky about what kind of people I find to be handsome. Besides, there are more important factors. Just to name two, I wouldn't live with anyone who smoked or hated cats, no matter how good-looking he might be.