San Francisco Pride Digital Queers Booth

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I didn't get any pictures of the parade itself because I was working at the Digital Queers booth from 10 AM until noon. By the time I got to the parade area the crowd was about six people deep, and I'm short, so I couldn't get any decent pictures.

Karen, Jeff, and Scott Here is a picture from the booth setup. Karen Wickre, one of the DQ founders, is at the left; Jeff (whose last name I don't know) is in the middle; and Scott Walton, the executive director, is at the right.

Digital queers banner Here's the banner above the booth. We hung recycled CDs at the sides of the banners; when the sun finally came out from behind the clouds in the afternoon it produced a daytime "disco lights" effect on the sidewalk.

DQ booth - afternoon And here's a shot of the booth in the afternoon.

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