Campbell Prune Festival Photos

16 May 1998

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These pictures were taken at the Campbell Prune Festival in Campbell, California on 16 May 1998. [If I understand correctly, the area around Campbell used to be mostly orchards, and prunes were a very profitable product in days gone by.]

fluffy brown dog I didn't know quite what I was going to take pictures of, when I saw this dog whose picture is at the right. As soon as I took its picture, the photography gods spake unto me, saying, "You're going to be taking lots of pictures of dogs today. That's the theme for your next web pages." Now it so happens that I'm not particularly fond of dogs, but who am I to argue with the photography gods? Sure enough, it seems as if every dog owner in this sector of the galaxy had decided to come to the Prune Festival with his or her dog, and so, these pictures. You may click on any picture to see a larger version.

spotted dog dog with neckerchief white dog brown dog

I believe the dog you see below is named "Griffin." Adorable, isn't he?

white terrier

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