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I've been taking pictures at amateur wrestling tournaments for the past few years. You can see pictures taken with regular film and a Kodak DC120 camera elsewhere.

All the pictures on this page and the next page were taken with the Olympus D500-L without use of the flash (even though the camera complained bitterly that it really, really needed the extra light). I just don't like the idea of using flash, as it distracts the athletes.

The lights in the gym for this tournament were really low except at two mats, so those are the ones where I took the pictures. I missed some good matches on other mats, but the light wasn't as good there. This brings to mind an old Sufi story:

A man walking at night saw his friend, the Mullah Nasrudin, on his hands and knees near a streetlight.

"What are you doing, Nasrudin?" he asked.

"I'm looking for my keys. I lost them over there," said Nasrudin, pointing to a dark alley about five meters away.

"If you lost them there, why aren't you looking over there?"

"Because the light is better here."

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[Freestyle 98-16] [Freestyle 98-17] [Freestyle 98-18] [Freestyle 98-19] [Freestyle 98-20] [Freestyle 98-21] [Freestyle 98-22] [Freestyle 98-23] [Freestyle 98-24]

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