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[IdeaFisher Package]

Note: the programming for IdeaFisher was done under contract with Software Mart,Inc. I wrote the Macintosh version of this product in Symantec's Think Pascal, and the Windows version was programmed by Tom Thackrey of Willow GlenProductions.

IdeaFisher is a tool designed to speed up the creative process. It's a catalyst – a brainstorming tool designed to expand and enrich your ideas.

IdeaFisher works on principles of association, memory retrieval, and analogical reasoning. IdeaFisher's two unique databases, IdeaBank (TM) and QBank (TM), work synergistically to maximize the number of ideas you can generate.

This is a structure of more than 60,000 Idea Words and Phrases. The cross-referencing power of the software produces more than 775,000 idea associations to dramatically boost your recall and idea-generating productivity.
This is an organized storehouse of more than 6,000 questions that encourage you to play with ideas and liberate your thinking. They help you understand the problem, change your perspective, and evaluate potential solutions objectively.

For further information, contact:

IdeaFisher Systems
2222 Martin St. #1110
Irvine, CA 92715
Telephone: 714-474-8111
Fax: 714-474-1778