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Sending the Form

You also put a stamp on the front of the card in order to send the form, just as your web-based forms have a Send button of some sort. You usually put the stamp on the card after it's all filled in, and the send button is usually the last item on the form.

However, since this is an electronic form, we recommend that you put in your send button first. This will let you test your form as you build it, rather than having to wait until the form is complete before you can test it even once.

Here's a form with a real live action address:

<form action="showInfo.cgi" method="post">
  <input type="submit" value="Send Data" />
front of card with stamp

The <input> element with an attribute of type="submit" creates a button on your form; the text after the value= will appear on the button. Here's what the form above looks like -- a button and nothing else.

Now that we've set up the destination and the “stamp” that will let us send the form, we can start building the back side of the card.