Fanime 2011 (page 2)

Miscellaneous Characters

Man in brown flowing outfit and black mask over head, holding white “face mask” on a stick. Jigen Daisuke (from Lupin 3rd anime series) Me with person dressed in “One Piece” outfit Man in orange and green costume with blue face mask. man wearing improbably tall stovepipe hat Video game characters; chef with giant fork on left, women in sailor costume on right. Man in beige trenchcoat and fedora (with red hatband) and silver mask


Not everyone was from an anime or a manga; there were science-fiction characters (such as Dr. Who), comic book characters, TV characters, and pro wrestlers.

Rorschach on left, Dr. Who (Tom Baker version with long scarf) on right. Man in beige raincoat, wrapped up like the invisible man. Young Justice League “Mr. Sta-puft” in Ghostbusters costume Woman dressed as Abby (character from NCIS) Man dressed as the professional wrestler “Golddust”


Apparently also a great tradition of cosplay: men dressed as women, and women dressed as men.

Man in light blue maid outfit Man in drag with bright orange wig and yellow tank top Woman dressed as “Kaitou Kid” from Detective Conan anime series.

Worst Moment

Res ipsa loquitor.

Man in black bodysuit with a mask over his crotch.