Fanime (part 3)

And some more pictures of characters that caught my eye.

nurse in pink; doctor in green scrubs funny cat-like animal with red nose two such cat-like animals; both have an antenna with a red ball on their heads person in a horse costume warrior with red hair

A lot of people at the convention offered free hugs or had shirts that said “glomp me.” (See a definition of glomping and more discussion of the topic here.)


There were a lot of people dressed up as characters from the Ace Attorney video game. The guy with the blue suit and spiky hair is the protagonist, Phoenix Wright.

group shouting 'Objection!' Phoenix Wright shouting 'Objection' at a character with bright red hair

Honestly, I could have taken hundreds of more pictures, but the best thing to do is go to a local convention and see the fun for yourself.

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