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Using CSS to Enhance Content - Introduction

One of the main purposes of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is to allow web authors like you to separate the content of a page from its presentation. Additionally, you can take greater control over the display as specified in a style sheet. For example, it's now possible to indent a paragraph and set its margins.

You can do slightly flashier display by having different colors widths, and styles of borders such as the one on this paragraph. (Border styles were possible in Netscape 4, but not as completely supported as they now are in Mozilla.)

And, by using JavaScript to access the Document Object Model, authors can do really wild effects such as the “rotating border” on this section of the page.

This is all very nice (well, maybe not the rotating border), and having cleanly-formatted pages is certainly an advantage. However, none of these effects adds to the content itself.

CSS to Enhance Content