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Try the example below by clicking on any of the words in bold on the left side of the screen.

La primera fuente para conseguir el sistema Linux es la propia red Internet, y es donde estarán siempre las últimas versiones y las aplicaciones más actualizadas en muchos servidores de FTP anónimo. Otra vía muy frecuente, de interés para principiantes y para quienes no deseen o no puedan permitirse copiar tanta cantidad de información a traves de la red, es mediante las versiones comercializadas en CDROM.

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Click any bold word or phrase to see its meaning.

The primary source for obtaining the Linux system is the Internet itself, and it is where the latest versions and most current applications will be on many anonymous FTP servers. Another method, very frequently of interest to beginners or for those who don't want or might not be allowed to copy such a quantity of information over the net, is by means of commercial versions on CDROM.

Click any bold word or phrase at the left to see its meaning.

If you look at the source code for the left side, you'll see something like this:

  La primera <span id="s0">fuente</span> para 
  <span id="s1">conseguir</span>
  el sistema Linux es <span id="s2">la propia red</span>
  Internet, y es donde 

There are no <b> tags, since we've used the knowledge from the first tutorial to set that property from JavaScript. Similarly, there are no onMouseOver, onMouseOut, or onClick attributes anywhere. Instead, a JavaScript function adds event listeners to each <span> as we did in the previous tutorial.

When you turn your attention to the HTML for the right-hand side, you may be quite surprised...

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