Hirshhorn Museum & Renwick Gallery

Just a few pictures from the Hirshhorn this time. On the left, “Brushstroke” by Roy Lichetenstein. On the right, a sculpture made out of old whiskey bottles (sorry, don’t know who did this one.)

Large sculpture in form of a black and white brush stroke Spiral wheel made of empty clear and green bottles

Here’s a sculpture entitled “Kryptos” outside the museum.

Column with two curved wings Closeup of sculpture

The Renwick Gallery (just northwest of the White House) had a wonderful display of studio furniture. This is furniture as art, not furniture to be used in your house. The most interesting one was “Ghost Clock” which looks like a grandfather clock covered by a cloth. That’s not a cloth, though; it’s wood carved to look like cloth.

Front view of ghost clock Back view of ghost clock

This one was the one I liked the most; titled “Oops!”

Chair with one leg "reaching" for a caster that has come loose

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