SCVWA Folkstyle Tournament 15 November 1997

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These pictures were taken in a high school gymnasium which was particularly well lit (as these facilities go). I've edited them all in Adobe Photoshop with the Intellihance extension.

All of these were taken with the flash off; I consider it to be distracting to the athletes. I set the exposure to 1/30 of a second except as noted. You'll notice that there is quite a bit of blurring in the action photos at that speed.

I was able to take about 45 pictures on a single set of Ray-O-Vac Renewal AA alkaline batteries before I got the "battery low" indicator. It took only two hours to recharge them when I got home.

You can compare these pictures to other ones I've taken with a Pentax K-1000, Vivitar 75-200mm telephoto lens, Fuji 800 film, and a Relisys Infinity scanner. (Look at the ones from 1996 on; that's when I finally figured out exposures vs. light level.)

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