Tapestry in Talent Festival Photos

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These pictures were taken at the Tapestry in Talent Festival of the Arts in San Jose, CA
These pages serve two purposes: to show you what the festival was like, and
to talk about the picture-taking experience. All the photos have been cropped and reduced in Adobe Photoshop, and enhanced with the Intellihance plug-in.

At the right is a picture of a juggler in the Family Fun area. [juggler]
Someone brought a kitten to the festival; it was surveying the art from his shoulders.

I have a toothbrush holder from Nag Originals, in Santa Rosa, CA (707)528-6155. Here's a (slightly blurred) photo of a dragon that is an incense burner which puffs smoke. [puffing dragon]

Here's the cat family:

And a group of toothbrush holders:

[toothbrush holders]

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