Daruma Festival Photos

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These pictures were taken at the 20th Annual West Valley Japanese-American Citizens League Daruma Festival in San Jose, CA on 16 August 1997. (What's a Daruma?)
These pages serve two purposes: to show you what the festival was like, and
to talk about the picture-taking experience. All the photos have been cropped and reduced in Adobe Photoshop, and enhanced with the Intellihance plug-in.
See also some thoughts about the software that comes with the camera.
The first things that caught my eye were a banner that was attached to one of the booths, and a daruma that appeared to have been made of some fuzzy material.

[banner] [fuzzy daruma]

Here's a view of the hospitality booth.

[hospitality booth]

I took a picture of the people in the hospitality booth. They were in deep shadow, but Intellihance was able to bring out detail even though the colors are washed out:
[dark shadows] [enhanced but washed out]

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