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Update to 30 Mar 1999 Comment of the Fortnight

The original passage read:

And this, folks, is where I lost any respect I might have had for Pastor Bernal.

After some consideration, I realize that this is both unnecessarily harsh and inaccurate. I did not accurately separate the person from his opinion. I believe that attacking someone else's religion is completely without honor. So, it is more accurate to say that I have no respect for Pastor Bernal's attitude in this particular area.

As for the man himself, there is indeed much to admire; he found something to believe in and built a small church into a large following, which definitely takes both talent and willingness to work; both things that I can greatly respect.

Bottom line: Pastor Bernal appears to be a decent person who holds an opinion which I feel is completely at odds with a theology based on love and mercy.

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