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Graphic Environment (continued)

Far more bothersome was the fact that GNOME and/or Enlightenment don't seem to have a good grasp of the screen dimensions.

Here's what happens when you choose Settings from the GNOME menu. The screen shot shows the entire upper right section of the screen. Notice that the minimize/maximize/close controls are not shown -- you have to move the window to the left before they become visible. (Click the picture for a full-sized view). The GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is also in the habit of doing this when loading a large picture.

Things don't do much better when GNOME paints icons for your disk drives on the desktop. The screen shot shows the entire lower left section of the screen. You can see that the panel (which has been folded up into the small vertical bar at the lower left) knows where the bottom of the screen is -- but the icons don't!

If these systems were cars, KDE and kwm would be one of those dull, box-shaped economy cars that takes you to and from work every day and goes for tens of thousands of kilometers without a tuneup. GNOME and Enlightenment are that sporty roadster that turns heads whenever you drive it -- which isn't as often as you'd like, because it's in the garage and you're fixing some little thing that's gone wrong with it.

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