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Marco’s Web Log

11 April 2004

Yes, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted new pictures. That is because not much new has happened. Marco is now about two years old, and life for us has settled into a routine. He is, of course, as handsome as ever, as you may see by these pictures:

Rolling over On Alert, staring forwards On Alert, staring forwards

24 November 2003

Some pictures of Marco asleep and just in the process of waking up, plus one of him hanging on to the screen door outside.

Curled up, imitating a meatloaf Just waking up Not winking, still waking up Back asleep again Hanging out on the screen

26 October 2003

Some random pictures of Marco, in his new “soda carton play area” and drinking from the sink. The ones taken without flash are somewhat blurred; when I use the flash, I get a tremendous “red-eye” effect. Sometimes you can’t win.

Inside Pepsi carton, looking up Inside Pepsi carton, looking at camera (flash gives him red-eye) Front view of Marco in the sink Side view of Marco drinking in the sink Marco in the sink

21 September 2003

Marco decided to park on the computer monitor this afternoon, so it was a perfect photo opportunity, as you see below.

I had the bathroom remodeled a week or two ago, and Marco hid out under the curtains in the dining room most of the time. Now that the countertop is tile instead of a slab, Marco can’t figure out how get up onto it. He stands on his hind paws and tries to get to the counter, but he’s not long enough. (And not smart enough to just jump for it.)

Front view of Marco sitting atop monitor Side view of Marco on monitor, showing darker fur Closeup of Marco's face

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