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Marco’s Web Log

11 Dec 2002

Marco got his stitches out last week. He seems happy about it; I know I am. Current pictures follow:

About to meow Lying down on the job Looking up at the camera
Looking serious Asleep, with  mood lighting

27 Nov 2002

Marco still has the drain in; I’ll take him back to the vet on Friday to (I hope) get it out. He worked his way past the plastic collar, so the vet gave him the new “flexible frisbee” collar. Note from the picture that it has not stopped him from climbing up onto the computer monitor or generally being a pest.

Marco w. frisbee-style collar.

22 Nov 2002

Marco got into a fight outside, and got an abscess. I took him to the vet, and he now has a drain and sutures in his tummy area. He’s wearing what my housemate calls a “space dish.” (Elizabethan collar). I will take him back to the vet on Monday to get the drain out, and if he doesn’t go after the sutures, he won’t have to wear the collar. As it is, I have to flush the drain twice a day and give him antibiotics twice a day. I had little success with pills, so the vet gave me a liquid antibiotic, which works much better.

Marco w. Elizabethan collar, eating. Marco w. Elizabethan collar.

9 Nov 2002

I’ve taught Marco to use the cat door, so he can come and go in the back yard as he pleases. It took him only about twenty minutes to learn how to use it, so this is one smart kitten indeed. I’ve seen him stalking birds in the back yard, unsuccessfully. Earlier this afternoon I saw him come in with something in his mouth. Luckily, it wasn’t a mouse or a bird; it was a leaf. What a mighty hunter he is.

Marco on the patio Marco explores a ladder On parade near the wall Walking in the dirt

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